Bian Tong is currently a musician in Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra, as well as Dicapella, Southeast Asia largest dizi ensemble.
At the age of 7, Bian Tong started learning Dizi as a CCA instrument from Mr. Ding Huai Cheng, who is currently a musician at City Chinese Orchestra and a well-known Suona and Sheng educator. In 2009, he took up serious learning of the instrument at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Talent Programme), where he was honored to be under the tutelage of Mr. Zhan Yong Ming, a top ranking performer in China and the current professor of the Music Department in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Shanghai Music Conservatory.
He was also honored to be given the chance to perform with the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra when he got accepted into in 2012, performing with various skilled performers in both orchestral and ensemble pieces.
In his days in Kong Hwa Primary School, Bian Tong was the sectional leader and soloist of the school’s Chinese Orchestra where he would often be tasked to perform solo pieces in concerts. It was also in his primary school days where he was under the additional tutelage of Mr. Phang Thean Siong, current Singapore Chinese Orchestra Dizi musician.
In 2011 and 2012, he attained Dizi grade 7 (Merit) and Dizi grade 8 (Distinction) in the Chinese instrumental Grading Examination jointly organized by the China Central Conservatory of Music and Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts respectively.
Though not many achievements, Bian Tong hopes to continue pursuing his passion in the instrument by taking part in more performances in future and in hopes of doing so, took up the offered chance to join Dicapella, a group which he saw potential to help him mature in his learning of Chinese music and to make more friends with similar interests. Bian Tong is a currently the management committee of Dicapella Dizi Ensemble.