Alarick is currently a dizi musician in the Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra, and a member of the Dicapella Dizi Ensemble, playing a range of roles from xindi to bangdi.
Alarick first started learning dizi at the age of 10 under the tutelage of Mr Yin Zhi Yang, who is currently the dizi principal player in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, in Tao Nan School. Three years later, he competed in the NAC National Chinese Music Competition and attained the third place award for the Dizi Junior Category 2010. Alarick then graduated from Tao Nan School as the Vice-Chairperson of the school’s Chinese Orchestra and entered Dunman High School for his secondary education.
During the 4 years in Dunman High School, Alarick continued learning dizi and successfully attained both Grade 10 in the dizi examination under Shangyin Music School and diploma in the Chinese instrumental Grading Examination jointly organized by the China Central Conservatory of Music and Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Besides this, he also actively participated in events like “Our People, Our Music” and “River Hongbao” in 2014.
Alarick also performed as a member of City Chinese Orchestra for their overseas trip to Taiwan and once more in Singapore, featuring dizi maestro Mr Zhan Yong Ming in December 2013 and August 2014 respectively.  He also attended master classes by dizi maestros like Miss Tan Jun Qiao and Mr Li Zhen to further enhance his understanding of the dizi.